Welcome to J.L.K. Electronics

This site is not only the primary site of J.L.K. Electronics, but also dedicated to promoting the education, experience, and skills of myself, the site owner, John Louis Kotos. Essentially this means that this site contains the resume of John Louis Kotos in which each skill set has it's own page. The pages are as follows:

  • Automation
  • Electronic Design
  • Software Development
  • Welding
  • Contact Us

The "Automation" page is my resume as an Industrial Electrician, Electronics Technician, and Automation/Robotics Maintenance Technician. The "Electronics Design" page encompasses electronic design capability including the a completed design from pro se patent to a production device. In the case of the "Software Development" page, the resume includes the certifcates and degree earned with brief descriptions of the languages and technolgies learned. There are three submenus are available. Each submenu is a portfolio of a different programming technology. The "Welding" page not only includes the welding certifications held, but also the welding and NDT inspection technology certifications currently in force. Finally, there is the "Contact Us" page which is somewhat guarded to protect from malicous advertisers and the like.