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What is This Project About?

     This project is about a little fun.  The structure of the project is set up so just about any type of content can be placed within it. : In the case of the present status of the code, yes there is a J.L.K. Electronics.  Facts about J.L.K. Electronics, along with the latest logo will be disclosed in the History subsection of the About Us tab.  After that, comes the jokes except for the last part of the Contact Us page.   That is my legal business address, email account and a link to my website.  I just may decide to use some or all of the code to reconstruct my website, of which I have already deleted all of the content.  Since our last meeting i have added a few more products that I hope prove amusing.

John Louis Kotos

About Us


     The concept of J.L.K. Electronics was initiated in 1987 around the time I completed my Automated Equipment/Robotics training.   By that time i was already an Industrial Electrician and Specialist.  I start a small Television/VCR Repair shop in 1995 under the name of J.L.K. Electronics, but went back to working as an electrician.  In 2005, I started designing a digital video stabilizer, built it and patented it.   In 2007, J.L.K. Electronics became an web-based entity.  I have redone the site many times and will reconstruct it this year.   It will host an updated version of the digital video stabilizer that accommodates HDTV.  I have already designed it and will be in the prototyping phase this spring or summer.  It will also be host to another patent, two of my copyrights and to a book that I've been writing.

     As far as the logos are concerned, I have been toying with the general idea of combining the J, L, and K of my intials in the manner you see now.  It was not until this semester while taking OSA-125-350 Introduction to Website Design that I began to develop the logo.   The deveopment of a logo was part of a branding assignment for the course.  There are several more variations to the basic sesign scheme.   NOW, with all of that said and done, ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

John Louis Kotos

Our Staff

As you can see, our highly motivated staff will attend to your needs when they aren't eating or sleeping. Once they start processing your request, they will chew up the paperwork (literally) as well as your fingers if they get in the way.



 Staff Relay Races   Building G 
 03/03/2017   6:00PM   Actually we want to chase everyone on the basketball court. 
 Seed Eating Contest   Building U 
 04/01/2017   12:00 NOON   At least the staff doesn't have to eat the food. 
 Male Staff Singing Contest   Building S 
 Counseling Office 
 04/23/2017  3:00PM  It's OK. Counseling don't do jack anyway.  They're just a
 bunch of old cheerleaders.
 Female Staff Screaching Contest   Building S 
 Vice President's Office ;
 TBA  TBA  He really don't do jack.  He's never there, so we don't know
 when we can have this event.
Biting Contest  Building L
 05/01/2017  4:00PM  Birds will judge which student tastes the best.  Please bring
 plenty of band-aids. 

Order Products and Services

THIS IS THE INTERNET!!! We'll sell you anything and get away with it! Most of the sales are in foeign countries, so if you get ripped-off ... TOO BAD!!! The Federal Trade Commission can't do anything about it and the FBI is too lazy. They can't even stop Russia from fooling around wilth our emails and elections, so how are they going to stop worldwide fraud???

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Mother-in-Law @ $30.00 ea.
Dirty Socks @ $5.00/pair
Sewer Water @ $20.00/case
Dirty Old Man @ $25.00 ea.
Bag of Grass @ $15.00 ea.
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J.L.K. Electronics
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J.L.K. Electronics

email: tronjohn@jlkelectronics.com