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Baby Carly Sleeping
Pigs With Wings
Baby Carly Awake

Here's Carly

Before I go on to talk about the table food diet my birds have, I'll first talk about the one that hatched in my home.   Rest assured, I research all foods and liquids for any type of avian toxicity.   Carly hatched on June 26, 2013 which happens to be my twelve year old niece's birthday, henceforth the name Carly.  I had my trials and tribulations keeping her alive.   Her father, Spike, is a very aggressive and territorial animal.  He would run out of the nest at the slightest disturbance in the house.   In doing so, he would literally run her over and as a result, he dislodged the left leg muscles to her hip.  This was discovered when I took her to the vet at two weeks old for X-rays.   The vet splinted her legs together for two weeks, during which I had to give constant care.  Baby cockatiels are supposed to be placed in an incubator or they won't eat.   She wouldn't eat and I didn't have an incubator, so I set my central air to ninety degrees during the day and eighty degrees during the night.  To me, it was more than well worth it.   She has a slight limp and the vet was amazed at her recovery.   The pictures on this page were taken just after the splints were removed and a couple of days before she took off from that same spot on her first flight.   I have a couple of pictures of her while she had the splints on another page.  You can't see the splints because she's in a terry cloth lined soup bowl.

See if you can find her!!!

Introducing the Rest of the Family

I have six birds, including Carly.  I got my first bird six years ago when my uncle Frank passed and his name is Pretty Boy.   A few months later and since I worked second shift at the time, I bought Sugar to keep him company during the winter.  She was about four months old and real smart.   Pretty Boy and Sugar didn't get along very well (although they are supposed to be social animals), so I found Spike - he was three years old and real crazy.   He likes to chase me and the other birds, but now his daughter kicks him out of the nest cage.  For real.   A few years later came Spear and Spice.  I was looking for a female, so I asked the owner of a hobby/pet shop to look for one.   Someone came into the shop with Spear and Spice who didn't want them any more.  I believe this person didn't want them because they were older birds.   I took them and they generally stay to themselves which is okay.  They do not eat very much table food either.   That's why you'll see only them in the two pictures on this page.  You may have noticed that Spice has no feathers on her head, making her look like a mini-vulture.   Male Cockatiels are known to remove their mates feathers from their heads.  I've seen this before.  Finally, as you already know, then came Carly.

Spice and Spear

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Spear and Spice