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Family Dining One
Pigs With Wings
Family Dining Two

A New Concept in Family Dining

It's a family affair!  The top two photos are of Carly (baby), Spike (father), and Sugar (mother) feasting on cheese pizza.  They do not touch the sauce, but concentrate on the cheese and crust.  Pizza cheese is one of the few cheeses they can eat, because Cockatiels are lactose intolerant.   In addition to the pizza cheese, they can also eat Cheddar, Muenster, and Swiss.  They prefer Cheddar, show a passing interest in Muenster, and won't touch Swiss.   I do think that my birds know it is the pizza man when the doorbell rings in the evening, because they go nuts.   When I bring the pizza in and place it on the counter, I have an noisy airport until I cut some pieces, cool them a little in the freezer, and clip the pieces on the cages.   They actually expect to be served first.  If by chance I order Italian Beef and fries, they want some too.  If I order Chinese, they are not too particularly crazy about the food.   They like the broccoli, pea-pod, and rice, but that's about it.  You're probably wondering about them making a mess.  They generally stay by their cages of which there are five in a row.   They are free to move from one cage to the other or come by me to see what I'm doing.  I have a protective carpeting covering my main carpet throughout.   Under the cages, I have a wide, long strip of indoor/outdoor carpet under the cages extending into the hall.  There are additional small throw rugs on top the indoor/outdoor carpet.   This makes for easy cleaning or replacement.

Spaghetti Face

All the birds, including Spear and Spice, like angel hair spaghetti - no sauce.  The picture at the bottom left shows a spaghetti face Sugar.   Pet shops sell bags of pasta especially for birds.  All I have to do is cook it for them.  When they see me in the kitchen getting ready to cook - they know.   They like to sit on top the kitchen cabinets and watch me while I cook because they know they will get some.   The picture at the bottom right show Carly and Sugar in the nest on top the cabinets above the stove.  Not only is this a favorite place to watch me cook, they go there to get away from Spike.   It's been three years and he hasn't figured out how to get over there without crashing.  I only bring food in the house that they can also eat.   This means I have to do without some of my favorites like mushrooms and onions because they are toxic to them.  I don't even use canned vegetables.   I usually buy fresh vegetables and steam them - never boiled.  They all are especially fond of fresh, steamed broccoli and green beans.   Pretty Boy is the only one who likes steamed carrots.  I only buy frozen corn and peas, then steam them also.   That's when I get peas and corn all over my counter top.  That's okay.  I also cook brown rice for them.   They can eat white rice, but brown rice is more nutritious for them.

Spaghetti Face Sugar

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