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Cotto Salami One
Pigs With Wings
Cotto Salami Two

Cotto Salami? Not Kosher!!!

The two top pictures show Spike checking out a cotto salami sandwich.  Sugar saw the camera, so she got scared and is leaving.   I have to sneak up on her because she don't like any kind of camera being pointed at her.  I try to give them sandwiches made with wheat bread.   Wheat bread is better for them than white bread - just like us.  They really aren't to enthusiastic about cotto salami which is the only deli sausage I buy.   On the other hand, they do like bits of pork chops with hash browns.  All I have to do is remove any excess grease. Surprisingly, another deli food that they like is potato salad,  If Carly and/or Sugar see me with the potato salad container, my shoulders turn into a landing strip.   One on each side.  The same thing happens when I go to the refrigerator.  They actually try to look inside while chirping like there's no tomorrow.

Deli Roast Beef

Here's the family eating out again.  They actually like all kinds of beef.  Pretty Boy is partial to steak - barbecued or broiled - it don't matter.   When I cook ground beef for tacos, I can't cook with spices because they want some and they wait for their little bowls of beef.  I add my taco sauce later.   Since I am I chopping up iceberg lettuce for the tacos, I will dice up some for them and put it in their little bowls.  Iceberg lettuce is mostly water and does have to much nutritional value.   It is considered a treat for them.  Other types of lettuce are better for them.  As for chicken and fish - no spices.   I always bake or barbecue the chicken and/or fish - never fry.  I have feed them Cod and Perch as treats.   They will also eat chopped hard-boiled eggs or the hard-boiled egg while I am holding it in my hand.  They do enjoy chicken - they must be Cannibirds.

Roast Beef One

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Roast Beef Two