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Honey Seed Treat
Pigs With Wings
Carly Eating Bread

They Actually Eat Bird Seed?

Yes, they actually eat seed.  When they finish eating any type of table food, they will go "wash it down" with seed.   The top-left photo shows Carly and Sugar eating a honey-seed bar.  All the birds like these and I keep them well stocked.   I get a high-quality, blended seed for my birds.  I use small bowls so I can change the seed daily.  I put the unused seed outside for the wild birds.   But a seed diet must be supplemented with the pellet type bird food in order to make sure they have all the other vitamins they need.   In addition to the pellets, I put a liquid vitamin in their water on occasion.  I also place Cuttlebone in all the cages and in holders around the cages.   I grind up some cuttlebone and put it in small dishes.  This is a calcium supplement, not only for all the birds in general, but especially for the females.   Female Cockatiels are notorious for being chronic egg-layers and mine are not an exception.  If they do not have enough calcium to form the eggs properly, the shells will become soft and possibly "bind" within the bird's body.  This usually result's in the bird's death - not good.  I keep an eye on everything that's going on with them.   The top right photo is Carly on top my hand eating bread.  And yes - it's white bread.  Oh well!


There are many foods that I cannot keep in my house because they are toxic to Cockatiels.  Although I may like these foods, I will not take the chance of having in my home.   The only things I have in the house that is toxic to them is Coffee and Tea which is kept in the cabinet.  I use sugar substitute and 1% lactose-free milk (they like the milk).   Here is a table of some of the foods that are toxic.  The items without the asterisk, will make the birds ill at various degrees.   The items enclosed in red and with an asterisk can be lethal.

avocado* fruit pits mushrooms* rhubarb*
chocolate* fruit seeds onion sugar
coffee garlic nutmeg* tea
eggplant lemon potato stems whole milk

There are many more items that are toxic, but these are the most common.  If I have any doubt at all about giving them a new food, I go to the internet and check.   Better safe than sorry!!!

Bird in a Bowl

Nooooo!  She's not on the menu.  These two photos were taken three or four days apart and shows how fast she grew.   The first photo was taken when she was three weeks old.  A few days after the second photo was taken just before the splints were removed.  I took the photos on the home page and few days later I was chasing her from my desk into the kitchen and on top the refrigerator - PANIC.   Then she had the nerve to do it again - STRESS.  While Carly was in the splints, I would frequently hold Carly in the cup of my hands and Sugar would get on top of one hand and feed Carly (pump food down her throat).  Sugar was and still is a good mother - Spike was a dead beat dad.   She still arranges and cleans Carly's feathers although its already been one year.

Bird in a Bowl One

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