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Pretty Boy Eating Banana
Pigs With Wings
Pretty Boy Eating Grapes


Cockatiels are not particularly known to be partial to fruit, but mine are weirdos.   Here's Pretty Boy eating a banana and shortly after this photo was taken he was joined by Carly, Spike, and Sugar.  They also eat the banana peels.   Pretty Boy likes thin apple slices while Sugar likes thin pear slices.  They can only eat the fruit.  I have to cut out and dispose of the seeds.   They can get sick on the seeds and since they are birds they'll naturally try to eat them.  I'll split open seedless grapes, put them on the counter, and let them eat.   That's Pretty Boy eating grapes in the upper right photo.  He also likes watermelon and on occasion he'll eat cantaloupe or honeydew melon.   I've tried kiwi and pineapple, but they just nibble at them as a passing interest.

Bird Popcorn?

Yes - Bird Popcorn!  It is sold at many pet supplies.  You may be able to see the small bag in the popcorn container with Sugar.  That's Spike in the bottom right photo.   The bag contains four to five miniature corn on the cobs that are about three to five inches long each.  I place one in a microwaveable container for twenty seconds.   I turn off the microwave for a second or two then turn it on for twenty more seconds.  The process is repeated until most of the kernels are popped.   Most of the popped corn stays on the cob and rest is put in the container that Sugar is in.   I have to wait for at least ten minutes before I can give it to the birds to avoid burning their mouths.   They take turns getting in the popcorn container and eating the popped corn on the cob.  Once in a while they get a corn chip or bugle.   They can occasionally have a very minute amount of salt.  That's why I get them unsalted top crackers.  They also get puffed wheat, corn chex, and rice chex.  

Sugar in Popcorn

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Sugar and Spike