Student: John Kotos, MIS 141-300, Summer 2015

Spear and Spice
Spice and Spear


Here We Go Again

Sugar, Carly, and Baby
Sugar, Carly, and Baby

Who Are We?

     This site is a continuation of the original "Pigs With Wings" site that was created for the Internet Technologies course, MIS 111-300, during the Summer 2014 semester.  This site does not promote any type of business, but rather let's the visitor's to the site have a view of the interaction between the site's creator (me) and his seven Cockatiels.  This site, as well as the first, combines a mixture of the funny antics of my pets as well as facts about these wonderful birds.  Anyone who has visited the first will notice some significant differences, besides new pictures.  The first being that instead of six birds, I now have seven.  "Baby" hatched on September 9, 2014.  There will be much more about her on the remaining pages of the site.  The next difference is the addition of short video clips starring my birds.  I guarantee that you will observe some things that you wouldn't think they would do.

     Now let's introduce the stars of the site by identifying who is in the pictures.  In the top left corner, there is "Spear" and "Spice".  I got these two out of a shelter because the owner didn't want them.   They are older birds and for the most part stay to themselves.  You've probably noticed that "Spice" looks like a little vulture.  That's because "Spear" pulled all of her head feather out.  This is common among Cockatiels.  In the top right picture is "Sugar", "Carly", and "Baby".  I got "Sugar" in November 2008 and she is the mother of "Carly" and "Baby".  "Carly" hatched on June 26, 2013 which is my thirteen year old niece's birthday whose name is "Carly".  And of course, the one messing up the family photo by looking around is the baby bird, "Baby".  In the bottom left corner is the infamous "Spike".  He is just plain, straight-up crazy.   He'll come over by me while I'm at my desk looking for something to eat and I'll give it to him.  He'll fly to one of the cages and if I walk by, he'll attack.  Territorial!!!  It's okay.  Finally, there is my first bird, "Pretty Boy".  He was my Uncle's bird for about four years.  The bird always liked me when I visited my Uncle.  When my Uncle passed in August 2008, I got him.  He's a real good bird and real smart (and spoiled rotten).  And last, but not least, there is me - John - their pet human.

Spike Ready to Pounce
Spike - My Attack Bird
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Pretty Boy pigging out on popcorn.
Pretty Boy - The First