Software Development

I have an extensive education in Website development in both client-side and server-side applications (ASP.NET and PHP) as well as desktop applications (ADO.NET).  This also includes the application of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript.  The languages I have studied are C++, C#, PHP,  and Visual Basic.

I apply Procedural Programming as well as Object Oriented Programming depending on which is the best option.  I am also proficient using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure.  My database skills include MySQL, MariaDB, and Microsoft SQL Server.  My educational competencies are:

C# Programming CertificateMay 2014
Visual Basic .NET Programming CertificateMay 2014
Software Developer CertificateMay 2014
IC3 Digital Literacy CertificationAugust 2014
CIW Internet Business Associate - CIW ID 669191September 2014
Programming Skills CertificateMay 2016
A.A.S. Management Information SystemsMay 2016
PHP Programming CertificateMay 2017
Website Developer CertificateMay 2017

In the completion of my education, I have used software and IDEs such as Notepad++, Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Atmel Studio 4, Visual Studio, and Zend Studio.  Three options are available as a drop-down menu from this, the Software Deveopment tab: ASP.NET Programs, HTML5 Programs, and PHP Programs.  Each contain actual applications and the code in the sidebars.